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Online Nomination Platform – FAQ’s (Nominated Exchange Students)

What do I have to do on this Online Platform?

  • Your academic advisor has provided your basic information and has pre-approved you for a certain number of ECTS credits on a tuition-free exchange basis.
  • You are required to complete your application by entering in all personnel information, select the specific Summer School course packages and/or individual courses you wish to follow, and confirm your registration in the program by making a 100€ payment by credit card.

When is the application deadline?

  • We highly recommend all applications be completed before April 30.
  • Places in the International Summer School will be given on a first come – first serve basis. Students (even if nominated) are not definitively confirmed until they connect and complete their online application.

Do I need a Visa to study in France? If so, what do I do?

  • More information, including a list of country nationals who are required to secure a visa for entering France, may be found HERE
  • For those participants requiring a Short-Stay visa, you will need to apply via Campus France or the closest French Embassy in your country.
  • Visa requirements and the delay to obtain a Short Stay Visa to France may differ according to the country in which the applicant is completing the Visa request. Those students who require a Visa to come to France will need an official invitation letter (which may be requested from Kedge once the student has completed the application), as well as housing reservation and airfare confirmations.

What do nominated exchange students have to pay to attend the Kedge International Summer School?

  • Those students nominated on a tuition-free exchange basis are responsible to pay their travel, insurance, accommodation, meals and a 100€ registration fee to complete their online application.

The 100€ online registration fee.

  • Students nominated on a tuition-free exchange basis are responsible to pay a 100€ non-refundable, registration fee to complete their online application. Without this payment, a nominated students place in the programme is tentatively planned, but not confirmed.
  • The reason for this nominal fee is that the Short Term Programme team must have confirmed participant numbers in order to make appropriate reservations for course planning, transportation, group meals and visits.
  • This fee avoids nominated students taking a place and later cancelling his/her participation, which could adversely impede another student from joining the programme.
  • If a student cannot join the programme because he/she cannot obtain a Visa, the online registration fee may be refunded ONLY if it is demonstrated that every effort was made to secure a Visa with an appropriate amount of lead time.

How does it work if I want to take classes at more than one Kedge Campus during the Kedge International Summer School?

  • During the nomination process, the student(s)’ specific course selection is not confirmed – only the number of ECTS credits authorised is confirmed. Specific course selection, including the location of the course(s), is made by the students when completing the online application.
  • If a student selects courses at different course campuses, the student is responsible for transporting him/herself from one location to the other before the course start date.
  • The online application system will not allow a student to book two courses on two different locations if such would require that the student be in two places at the same time.
  • Kedge staff can, of course, provide the student with additional information about the logistics of moving from one campus location to another.

What happens if I was nominated, and then I cancel?

  • A student is not definitively confirmed until he/she connects individually to the online JOIN application and completes his/her application.
  • If a student is nominated, then decides not to attend the programme, please inform Kedge as soon as possible. The nomination will need to be cancelled.

What happens if I apply and then the course I wish to take is cancelled?

  • In this unprecedented scenario, and Kedge cannot propose an amenable alternative to the student, Kedge would be exceptionally responsible for refunding the student’s registration fee and the nomination will need to be cancelled.

Who do I contact if I have problems of any kind?